Cornell Museum of American Art and Culture

 Delray Beach, FL

March 30 – September 9, 2018

Mixed media installation as part of a two person installation with artist Diane Arrieta

Two interdisciplinary artists join forces to create a modern day Utopia. Cheryl Maeder and Diane Arrieta (Birds Are Nice) combine their works to present a classical fairy tale experience that collides with the realities of our modern world. Focusing on the beauty and lessons we as humans can learn from our natural landscapes and inhabitants. This installation offers a moment of sanctuary from the fast paced indoor lives we are living. By constructing a faux natural environment, the artists are conveying the need to “slow down and smell the flowers” before it [nature] disappears.

Installation Description

Maeder’s work offers video and photographs of humans interacting in a bright natural fantasy land that is a reality. Birds are Nice offers animal guides interacting with a fantasy forest that patrons can learn the lessons that animals teach us.

The installation will come to life with bright faux grass, trees and flower-scapes to create an enchanted landscape. The viewer can frolic in and among the works, transporting them into an interactive fairytale experience.

Artist statements regarding each contribution to the Enchanted installation

Cheryl Maeder
The Voyage
Mixed media installation
Dimensions variable

“The Voyage” is a metaphorical exploration paralleling the importance of life in all its forms. The Voyage Installation is about the existence of magic and enchantment that surrounds us; the connectedness of all life forms.

Humans are not separate from Nature and other beings in the environment. If we do not operate with respect and consciousness of all life on Earth, all living beings, such as butterflies- will soon become extinct.

Diane Arrieta (Birds Are Nice)
Keepers of the Kingdom
Mixed media Ceramic Installation 2018
Dimensions Variable

In some cultures, everything has its own spirit. Native Americans refer to this as Wakan [Plants, animals, people]. Science shows that the basic organization of life is widely shared. That means humans, plants and animals all share some DNA that is similar. Although we differ greatly, the similarities reflect a common ancestry that appears to be shared by all life on Earth (Bernadette King, 2017).

Because of this connection, some cultures believe there is a connection called the Non-Local Universal Mind. It is believed that all animals can hear your heart. If you are open to it, these animals can guide you with their wisdom.

Keepers of the Kingdom invites the viewer to sit with each spirit guide to learn their lessons.

Concept Sketches

Enchanted Cornell Museum Back Wall

Artwork in progress, more images to come!

The Light From Within, Installation.

Maeder explores new technologies in The Light From Within. The Installation transports the viewer beyond the visual narrative to a more sensory experience. The Woman in the photograph is represented both in her physical presence- and through video we are invited into her inner world.



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